I’ve received a lot of letters from artists asking to check out their artwork and their blog, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them openly write unhealthy amounts of negative comments about their artwork, it was super depressing, honestly.  :(
Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow without the constant feeling of doubt and jealousy!  You are a unique individual who must go down your own unique path, and as scary as it sounds, you can’t rely on others to hold your hand all the way through.  You are the only one who can get yourself to where you need to go, and beating up your artwork is not the way!  Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!!

Love your art, love yourself!




Artist Isaac Cordal (tumblr / facebook) - “With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the street. Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom in the routine tasks of the contemporary human being”.



Macro Photography 101

When you get your first macro lens, a whole other world will open up to you.

A macro lens can really let you get up close and personal with the all the tiny beautiful details in the world. It can give you a new perspective on things and really make you appreciate the smaller things.

A macro lens is basically a lens which allows you to focus extremely closely to your subject. A lot of point and shoot cameras have a “macro” function but they do not compare with true macro lenses on DSLRs.

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to macro photography is the extremely shallow depth of field produced when shooting a subject up close. The 180mm 3.5 L macro lens from Canon produces a depth of field thinner than a penny. This results in the need for a small aperture which is why a camera with high ISO capabilities is a massive advantage in the world of macro.

The use of texture and colour in your macro shots can really make your images stand out. Above I have included some shots I took of a sea urchin, an octopus and a starfish; the variety of colours, textures and tones in these creatures is endlessly beautiful.

In conclusion macro photography gives you a whole new perspective on the world and will have you crouching down looking at all the little plants and bugs and rocks, constantly finding more and more beauty in the world.

Photos by Iain A

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